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JMT Complete Health Plan™ (Free Shipping)

Just Me Tea

AUD $114.95 AUD $133.00

JMT Complete Health Plan™ (Free Shipping)

Just Me Tea

AUD $114.95 AUD $133.00

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This pack includes all products: 14 Days or 28 Days programs

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✓ 3in1 Skinny Teatox™  - RRP $39.90 or $65  


✓ Açaí Teatox™    - RRP $29.90 or $55


✓ Garcinia Teatox   - RRP $29.90 or $55


**100g Premium Matcha Green Tea - RRP $29


Full price: $133 AUD (14 Days) or $213 AUD (28 Days)


Complete pack for just $ 110 AUD (14 Days)
Complete pack for just $ 177 AUD (28 Days)

How to take the Complete Health Plan:

Start the day off by using the Garcinia Teatox as the foundation of your weight loss regime. This would require you starting taking a fine cup Garcinia Tea in the morning, and a Skinny Tea in the evening before bed. Take the Skinny Tea every second day from this point onwards.

We recommend incorporating the Açaí Teatox Tea in the afternoon, between the morning Garcinia blend and the evening Skinny Tea.

With this combination as a whole, your skin complexion will improve & your body nourished and detoxified. Experience healthy weight loss as our Skinny Tea & Garcinia Tea inhibit fat and promote weight loss.

Please note: the "Just Me Tea bag" in the photo is only for display not for sale.



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