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Açaí Teatox Benefits

Açaí Teatox

Açaí Berries

Acai tea
JMT Açaí ingredient strength is 20:1, thus as a customer you will be getting the most powerful pure benefits from Açaí for your teatox journey. However, what does a ratio of 20:1 really mean? A superior ratio of 20:1 Açaí berry strength means that our buyers are getting 20 times more acai benefits than the standard when compared to any other teatox with Açaí in them. This simply means there are less impurities in our teatox to fill up the weight of the teabag and more actual pure Açaí within the tea bag.  This makes our Açaí extremely beneficial and powerful.

Açaí berries and extracts can be seen in many scientific journals and reports and has been documented to have positive reviews on the subject of weight loss and detoxification. In addition our Açaí ingredient not only helps with suppressing appetite but contains powerful antioxidants that can aid vitality and improve skin complexion and weight control. 


Dandelion has been researched to be rich in beta-carotene which we as human convert to vitamin A. In addition, dandelion are also rich in fibre, vitamin c, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron and thus you would be getting plenty of minerals with this ingredient. Benefits that comes with dandelion relates to: digestion, helping with cholesterol, anti inflammatory, immune system, bone strength, helps with diabetes, weight loss and more. 

Green Tea

Green tea
Green Tea is one the most widely known tea ingredients with high antioxidants and weight loss properties. It has been researched in countless journals regarding the benefits and efficacy of green tea. Green tea aims to aid weight loss as well as detoxify your body. Moreover, green tea is also found to help with cholesterol, diabetes, suppressing appetite, improving skin complexion and also lowering blood pressure.  

Lemon Grass

lemon grass 

Lemon Grass is widely known for its detoxification properties and are used in many detox teas. Its main beneficial objective is to improve digestion, increase skin complexion, helps the immune system and and is also anti cancer. 



Ginseng is well known in Chinese medicine and is used to aid in skin complexion, anti-ageing, help skin tone, lowers cholesterol and also aid with weight control.