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 We're much more than coffee - But why Just Me Tea (Coffee Body Scrub)?

It's simple, JMT Coffee Body scrub (Me) only encapsulates the best quality ingredients and refine them into something magnificent. We don't import our ingredients from China or India like most other coffee scrubs do! We get them right here in Australia and they are then created into ME!

 Why Coffee?

The beautiful coffee is freshly roasted and ground into a natural coffee exfoliator which will effectively heal cracked dry skin and dead skin cells.



 A Coffee made body scrub!

 I am made out of coffee and other goodies! Such as minerals and vitamins; 
Since coffee is my common denominator - I can stimulate blood flow which will help reduce cellulite marks, stretch marks, acne and conditions like psoriasis and eczema when applied topically to the skin.

A pack full of antioxidants!

I am made from100% fresh fine dark coffee grains combines with premium organic coconut extra virgin oil, almond, olive oil, vitamin E and minerals. My dead sea salt, brown sugar & coconut oil, olive oil, almond gives heavenly smoothness towards the skin & nails. 
My very own coconut oil will hydrate and moisten your skin. Our unique coffee blend formula contains coconut oil that aids in soothing and moisturising the skin. Our coconut oil has anti-bacterial effects as well as major moisturising effects.
The grapefruit, vitamins & minerals I have within will further cleanse & tighten your skin. I don't want to go, but I will be leaving your angelic body after you scrub me off & what is left is that exquisite aroma I leave behind for you to remember me by.
The body scrub will smell like beautiful pink grapefruit parfum that you will love



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