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How Just Me Tea Australia Skinny Weight loss & Detoxifying Teatox Works

How Just Me Tea Australia Skinny Weight loss & Detoxifying Teatox Works


Why Just Me Tea Australia?

The original and popular 3-in-1 Skinny Teatox is not like any other teatox! Why spend your money on 3 different kind of detox tea when you can purchase 1 with all the combinations? Our Skinny Teatox will supply you with 2 morning teatox blends and 1 night time teatox blend. This allows you to receive a multitude of detoxification benefits! 

Apart from having a resourceful background of health professionals and a year's research on each of our products. JMT does not only guarantee the best teatox quality but the most cost-effective in quantity too! If you find a more inexpensive teatox with roughly the same quantity, please email us and we will beat it by 50% guaranteed!
Simply email us with the competitor's product link at: and you will get 50% OFF on top of any discount.
In addition if you are not 100% satisfied with our detox teatox, we offer 100% refundable items! Our customers has absolutely nothing to lose! This is our promise to you. 

How Just Me Tea Australia works is by incorporating a full body cleansing regime by encouraging a daily detox, healthy meals, and exercise routines. Our daily external cleansing with our coffee body scrub will nourish your outer layers, while our detox tea detoxifies your body.


What our competitors are doing wrong: Our competitors are definitely not using the correct ratios and strength for each detox teatox blend. There are many tea business out there claiming to have the same magnitude and effect as ours. Imagine having a detox teatox without any effect? This would  be an absolute waste of time and money. Many business and companies out there are using ingredients such as Garcinia Camogia & it's HCA extract, Acai Berry & extract and Pu'er Tea as the main ingredient in their blend, the same as us. However, the strength in their tea blend would be so minor that the benefits and boost you are looking for would be insignificant. Our detox teatox range are blended with at least 97% pure ingredients with a documented and studied ratio to provide optimum benefits, this is mainly what differentiates us from our competitors. We have the secret recipe and they don't.
Our carefully designed teatox acts as a catalyst or supplement to your metabolic rate. In all of our teatox range there are main ingredients which will help suppress appetite, increase metabolism and inhibit fat production. However, we do strongly encourage healthy eating and daily exercise in conjunction with our detox teatox for optimum results. Just like any supplement, the more work you put into reaching your goals the faster and better our detox teatox will enhance your weight loss regime. This is true because all of our products are natural and organic. Our teatox will work to compliment your body and it's natural detoxification. Nevertheless our detox teatox will still aim to assist your body's natural weight loss and metabolism even with minimal exercise!


Main Ingredients -
+Garcinia cambogia / HCA extract: Inhibits the body's fat production and suppresses appetite.
+Resveratrol: Core antioxidants found in Matcha, Green Tea, Grapes & Red wine. Clinical studies have shown Resveratrol to have 20 times more antioxidants when compared to red wine.
+Acai Berry / extract: Aids with bloat symptoms and increase energy. A boost of super tonic antioxidants for systemic detoxification.
  • Medical doctors now know that excessive weight gain & obesity are not directly linked to excessive food consumption, but is also related genetically within the DNA. Some people are born with an obesity gene called ' Fat Mass & Obesity gene ' symbolised by the acronym FTO gene. A person diagnosed with this gene would be more prone to accumulate more weight, as well as having a decrease in personal metabolism and are more than likely binge eat.

  • Everyone has the FTO gene, however the frequency and majority of gene being activated differs between people. Thus the activation can be more extensive in someone else or lesser. Nevertheless, weight gain can still be extremely easy as most individual's metabolism are quite slow given the abundance in the overwhelming fast food restaurants and unhealthy snacking in all developed countries. As many people constantly consume unhealthy food products and manufactured food, fats are more easily stored in their body due to the slowly decreasing metabolism and accumulations of unhealthy substance and toxins. 

    With the new studies, many people are therefore purchasing natural detoxifying agents to cleanse and detoxify their system as well as boosting their metabolism & suppress appetite. Our teatox has been extensively studied to help in this detoxifying process and the feedback and reviews has all been positive as more people join the revolutionary teatox journey.
Orders yours today, experience the difference with absolutely no risk.


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