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Important: Please note that the information on this page only merely describes what each teatox targets. For full details and information on each product, please click on the title link so you can be directed to the product page. 

Once directed, you can then use the tabs to toggle through further information. It is imperative to understand that we encourage healthy diets & regular exercise for a greater and better result.



Skinny Teatox (Signature) - 3-in-1 Detox Tea Blend

  • A premium and superior fusion of 3 in 1 teatox, combining the three blends of teatox. It includes the 'Açaí Teatox' & 'Garcinia Teatox' as well as a Night Time 'Colon Cleansing Teatox'

Main Objective of this Teatox is a powerful promotion of weight loss, metabolism, detoxification, energy, vitality & improves digestion.

  • If you are looking to detox, colon cleanse mild laxative effect, weight loss, reduce bloating and energising your day, then the 3in1 skinny signature is for you with combination of Garcinia and Acai 

     The combination of all 3 blends and its elements taken during the week, the additive effects has been documented to provide the best results. 


Garcinia (HCA) Teatox

Contains the active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia in its purest form and Pu'er tea for its primary function in aiding weight loss.

The main objective of Garcinia HCA Teatox is blend comprising of 5 key ingredients and 3 natural ingredients to improve weight loss & metabolism. This teatox is non-laxative.

If you want to detox, lose weight and energise without the colon cleanse laxative effect then the Garcinia teatox is for you.


Açaí Teatox

Main Objective is to naturally detoxify & cleanse the body, improve vitality and natural immunity. The Açaí Teatox helps with neutralising the sluggish feeling the majority of people feel during the day and improves energy and detoxification from the body. This teatox is non-laxative.

If you want to detox and improve immunity, skin complexion and help you relax then Acai teatox is for you



A pure green tea extract in powder form to be used as a supplement for drinks or food. It is used as an addition to your teatox but not replace it.
Main objective is to detoxify and assist the benefit of your teatox program.



  • Coconut & grapefruit coffee body scrub.

    Natural Coffee body scrub infused with coconut and other minerals with the essence of grapefruit to aim at reducing: Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne.


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