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Looking for a Slimming Teatox, Skinny Teatox or any other weight loss & detox tea that works? you need Justmetea 3in1 teatox blend! 3 blends in 1 that no other brands offer. Check our shop menu for our 3in1 teatox Signature selections.

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There are plenty of teatox websites and programmes out there, such as Tiny Teatox Australia, which promise fast weight loss and detoxification. However, be wary that some of these Australian Teatox websites may have absolutely zero knowledge on healthy weight loss and their efficacies because they only have one or two blends.
At Just Me Tea, you can be confident that our product is the best Teatox Australia has to offer. Our detox formula thoroughly evaluated and refined with the culmination of a year's research on the natural ways of losing weight via our Teatox. All of our ingredients are verified with the professional opinion of those with healthcare backgrounds in the efficacies of each individual tea. We thus urge our Skinny Tea lovers to beware of many imitations!
Our specialty is that we combine 3 different type of powerful blends in 1 pack. We are the only 3in1 teatox.
This is the revolutionised new way towards effective detoxing, reduce bloating and enhancing weight loss results. Check our main menu for product selections.
Additional background information:
The world is a strange place, where there is an abundance of many different chemicals & toxins that could very much harm your body, especially in Australian Teatox products that have not been re-enforced by research. These toxins involve chemicals known as free-radicals, an oxidising substance that damages cells and has been known to promote cancer. Likewise, toxins could also further reduce the body's immunity, slow down metabolic functions & have the potential of causing a multitude of illnesses. 

Detoxification refers to cleansing of the body from these harmful substances and increase overall health and well being. Hence, our Australian teatoxification process works by incorporating ingredients high in antioxidants & weight loss properties to provide optimum detoxification. By incorporating and researching natural and organic ways on different weight loss supplements, our team of health related fields throughout Australia has derived the perfect and best quality ingredients and secret-ratios that will detoxify the body inside and out!

If you’re looking for a Tiny Teatox alternative, our Skinny Tea detox product is the best on the Australian market.

Just Me Tea Australia: has been designed to also support you in:

+ Altering your diet to detoxify your body by consuming necessary & essential foods, rich in nutrients. This involves the elevation of fresh meals high in fibre and protein, as well as revolving around more plant based foods. Our MEAL PLAN will help you get started.

+ Detoxification & weight loss - Our teatox program boosts energy, metabolism and decreases appetite, water retention and weight.

+ Physical activity - exercises that not only reduces body fat but enhances muscle tone. It is recommended that you implement some form of physical activity 3-4 times per week for maximum weight loss results. Click to view our WORK OUT PLAN.

+ Up to date information on work out and detox foods found via our BLOG may provide you with some further information and healthy tips.
If you’re looking for a Tiny Teatox substitute, fast-track your success and results with the best Australian detox formula available – Just Me Tea.


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