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Partnered Products

We are happily partnered with other amazing businesses offering
great and amazing products. Our linked company can offer you other products you may be interested in. You can browse through our partnered products by clicking on the logo. A description of the business is addressed below their logo. Please note - These are all Australian Brands.

Sanctuary Watches is a designer Luxury and Minimalistic watch brand for women and men designed by Arthur. The watches are made with high quality Italian and Switzerland material and the designs is inspired by Melbourne x Swiss environments, history and architecture. These beautiful time pieces are based on four core principles: High quality, Affordable, Minimalistic and Luxurious. They also have a collection of some amazing Minimalistic Marble styled Watches. All watch straps comes with a function so you can detach and interchange different watch straps to create your own look with different patterns, materials and colours. You can subscribe to their mailing service for an update on launching of the brand and follow their instagram and facebook!
     Perfect Whitening 
Authentic premium Dental grade teeth whitening kits with advanced LUXE whitening systems that will brighten your smile. All kits have been approved by the FDA and contain the highest and safest dental grade ingredients. Perfect Whitening is founded by Dentists and other health professionals. Therefore unlike many other whitening products, Perfect Whitening is monitored by Dentists and only provide you safe, effective whitening kits.