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Skinny Teatox - Alexandrina Senna


Alexandrian Senna has been commonly used as a detox to increase gastric secretion and bowel motility. This thus restores regularity in your bowel movements. In both the herbal and medical world Alexandrian has been used as a dietary supplement to increase fibre and thereby help increase bowel excretion. This results in active colon cleansing, which is important in getting rid of toxins and harmful chemicals and bacteria.  
This Teatox can be bought separately as the NIGHT CLEANSE
combined in the 3-in-1 JMT SKINNY TEATOX
  • This plant has also been used to treat constipation.

Skinny Teatox - Peppermint


We’ve crafted our formulas by conducting thorough and relevant research into the market and the science behind Teatox combinations that work. Moreover, our team in Australia has worked hard to ensure our tea products are crafted from the highest quality ingredients, without harmful chemicals or additives. As a result, you receive Australia’s best Skinny Teatox that will help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

By knowing what works, what doesn’t and what assists the body to initiate proper cleansing and detoxification, we’ve developed a range of skinny teas that positively influence your everyday living.

Combined within our unique Skinny Teatox are also the weight loss and detox tea programs that are shown below – click them to discover their detox benefits:

To find out more about our Skinny Teatox products, contact our friendly team in Australia. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions or provide reliable information that can help you get on the right path towards healthy living.




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