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Work Out Guide

The majority of people believe they are performing just fine without a healthy work out guide, and in some instances, this could be correct. However, there are also others who find themselves constantly working hard to achieve their goals and not seeing the results they desire. If this is you, then a individually tailored workout guide may be just the thing you are looking for.


Here, we will discuss a variety of lifestyle changes that can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and preferences in order to achieve the optimum benefits for your journey!


Additionally, it is recommended that you use this guide in conjunction with our teatox programme, as this will assist in providing you with greater and better results as well as helping you to cleanse the body of toxins and keep you hydrated during the course of your healthy lifestyle journey.



They say that the formula to a healthy lifestyle is 80% diet, 20% motivation. You may initially have the correct  frame of mind and boundless motivation, but the incorrect way of approaching and tackling it specifically. Most too commonly, people will immediately snack right after their exercise session. This rationale is simply based on the basic mechanism of the body sending signals to the brain. This message will translate to your body feeling hungry and thereby increasing appetite leading to food consumption to compensate. We as humans would require an additional amount of energy due to the work out we have just endured. Hence, to recover the energy that we have exerted during our exercise, we will need to consume energy - food. In order to satisfy both goals (exercise and not feeling overly hungryduring post-workout) it is recommended to try our teatox and combine it with fruit and/or protein to create a post-workout smoothie, or making it into a teatox-detox water to maintain adequate levels of hydration. This would benefit you exponentially with time! Alternatively a protein-fueled snack post-workout such as yoghurt, bananas, grains and vegetables will help to curb those cravings and avoid you reaching for the junk food drawer in the kitchen.

A healthy diet should always be employed as this would allow you to maintain your healthy weight loss in the long-term. Remember, no lifestyle change is ever short-term as this will only to lead to disappointment and return to old habits if the core of the unhealthy lifestyle is not addressed. Similarly, with time, small steps become a habit and a habit becomes your life – always look at the big picture! If you are exercising and feel like you are challenging yourself but the results have not been successful, then you may need to change your diet. When you are not incorporating a healthy balanced diet, then may be “recycling” your weight.  
Our teatox range offer a variety of benefits such as increase in metabolism, weight loss, energy and fat reduction.  It also suppresses appetite and will ultimately help you in getting and maintaining the weight off! It is used as a supplement and a diet modifier, rich in natural herbal elements which has been extensively studied to order to understand both the biological and pharmacological components that have the greatest effect on your body for the better.
Also, do not forget to take a look at our MEAL GUIDE for inspiration on what to eat!

detox water 

You may be focusing on only one type of exercise. In those new to exercise (or those who have not worked out in a while), a good place to start is to introduce cardiovascular exercises to increase heart rate, increase stamina and to convert fat into energy. These type of exercises may involve jogging and running or cycling, which are excellent for initial weight loss. However, if you are only focusing on cardiovascular exercises, you may be missing important and necessary high intensity workouts such as circuit training (examples include squats, push-ups, burpees, lunges, abdominal crunches) and weight training. Such exercises will not only improve muscle definition and tone, but further benefit joints, balance, bone health and the ability of the body to tolerate and respond to injury.

 If you are not breaking a sweat or feel like your workout is not challenging long after it is over, this may be a sign that you may need to increase the difficulty and intensity of your workouts. If this is your first time, this means you are not pushing yourself enough. However if you have been exercising and things seem to get easy this is a clear indication that you are making good progress and you are ready to go to the next step – which may include the addition of another circuit, increased repetitions, or speed. Interval training in this regard (that is, bursts of timed fast and slow cycles) will assist in eliminating any monotony you may be experiencing. Similarly, it is recommended that the frequency at which you work out should be approximately 3-4x per week, aiming to break a sweat at each. 


It's not all about how much you can do, but rather how you do it.
When it comes to exercise, your aim, specifically, is to achieve correct technique and form rather than numbers. If you are doing an exercise incorrectly your time would be very insufficient compared to someone doing it correctly. This could potentially result in damaged muscle, bad posture, injuries and can slow down your progression leaving you feeling dissatisfied. Thus, correct form and technique with any workout (even running!) is imperative to success – only when you have mastered the basics can the numbers increase and the journey progress – and more importantly, the results show!


 Bikini body 

We all know life can be busy sometimes, especially when it comes to incorporating a workout into the mix. However, sleep is extremely necessary. Not only is sleep a vital process to allow rest and relaxation, but also helps to aid tissue growth and healing, improve memory and increase physical and mental performance. Following an intense sweat session, your body may feel strained. Sleep helps with the production of new cells, muscle growth and fat loss. Try to get more sleep after a long, hard workout. You'll definitely feel more energised and this will benefit you, ready for the next day to come!

bikini body

So grab your trainers - now that you have read some life changing tips, it’s time to work out!

NOTE: Remember to take a selfie after each week – this will help you to keep a record of your progresses and increase motivation. Without regular records, such changes may not be noticeable to you in the mirror alone, as you become familiarized to your new image. Thus it is best to compare your progress after each week, photo by photo! Why not send them in to us and inspire many more out there? Please send all photos to

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