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Açaí teatox™ Detox Tea (Non-Laxative)

Just Me Tea

AUD $29.95 AUD $48.00

Açaí teatox™ Detox Tea (Non-Laxative)
Açaí teatox™ Detox Tea (Non-Laxative) Açaí teatox™ Detox Tea (Non-Laxative) Açaí teatox™ Detox Tea (Non-Laxative)

Just Me Tea

AUD $29.95 AUD $48.00

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  • Açaí Teatox JMT ™



Note: For Acai lovers to improve sleep quality, skin health and immunity.   
14 days program contains 28 tea bags
28 day program contains 56 tea bags
 Acai berry

  • A delicious tonic and superfood blend. JMT Acai Teatox is formulated to powerfully detoxify and cleanse the body.
  • The main focus of this specialised formula is having strong detoxification properties to help cleanse the skin for increased energy, sleep quality, vitality, natural immunity, better complexion and to aid bloat symptoms.
  • Our acai berry tea is high in antioxidants and leaves no laxative effects. Instead, this revolutionary Teatox product refreshes your body and creates a healthier wellbeing and lifestyle.  
  • For optimal results we suggest starting the Acai Teatox programme in conjunction with the JMT 3in1 Skinny Teatox (14 or 28 days. Renowned for superior weight loss, this smooth blend is aimed at detoxifying and nourishing your body.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If any symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. 

    For ages 15+

    Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. 

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    Benefits of our acai berry tea:
    • ✓ Increased natural immunity
    • ✓ Increase vitality, sleep quality
    • ✓ Increase energy
    • ✓ Improve skin Improved skin complexion
    • ✓ Suppressed appetite
    • ✓ Reduced bloating and aid digestion
    • ✓ Reduced stomach upset
    • ✓ Detoxification and cleansing
    • Acai berry
    • Sencha Green Tea
    • Dandelion Leaf
    • Ginseng leaf
    • Lemon grass
    • Beautiful & delicious grape flavour

    We’re proud of the many health benefits our product brings to customers who are looking to enhance their everyday lives. Smelling and tasting like grape, our acai berry tea’s formula is delicious, refreshing and effective.

    To find out more about our skinny tea products, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We’re always more than happy to offer advice and provide information that you can trust.

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    Açaí Teatox


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