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(Skinny & Slim Me) Lychee & Apple Green Detox Coffee (Free Shipping)

Designer: Skinny Coffee Australia

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Please Note: *Transformations may vary from person to person. Please see our disclaimer. 


20 servings Program: Contains up to 2 cups a day for 10 Days. 

40 servings Program: Contains up to 2 cups a day for 20 Days 

Please refer to 'Direction' tabs on how to take the coffeetox

A unique coffee blend that will detoxify your body by eliminating toxins, promote weight loss, reducing bloat, and increasing your daily antioxidant intake as well as metabolism. The perfect blend to kick start your health and aid in your weight loss journey!

Combined with high quality organic green detox coffee beans: Scientifically researched & selected ingredients of Skinny Apple Green Detox Coffee have great nutritional benefits to assist detoxifying, cleansing & energising the body.


Green Coffee contains an extract known as chlorogenic acid. This organic extract found in green coffee beans are extremely rich in antioxidants and are known to regulate metabolism and assist in weight loss.

  • The founder of Skinny Coffee Au.  is in his final year in the bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons). His thesis project focusses on assessing antioxidants levels of superfoods and has been effectively researching the literature regarding the benefits of antioxidants. Our carefully designed detox green coffee blend have been independently studied to be of high quality with a high percentage of green coffee & chlorogenic acid purity. Thus, all of our coffee are of the beast qualities with the highest benefit that can be yielded. 

The delicious Goji Berry Superfood combination of Apple Flavoured Green Detox Coffee will help assist you to:

✓ Weight loss (Main)

✓ Burning fat (Main)

✓ Increase metabolic rate (Main)

✓ Suppress appetite (Main)

✓ Increase energy levels (Main)

✓ Increase focus (Main)

 Decrease blood glucose levels


Replace your coffee runs or routines with this herbal and superfood infused coffee blend. We guarantee best quality and taste!

Each sachet contains 10g. One sachet is one serving and contain roughly 10g. This is taken TWICE a day.

Dissolve a whole sachet in a cup with 200mL of boiling water 15 minutes before breakfast. Take twice a day. Add milk or natural sweetener if desired. For an iced coffee alternative, blend with milk and ice. Replace your coffee routine.


What does is taste like?

Enjoy the greatness of rich green coffee scent and a touch of smooth Apple & Goji Berry flavours.


(Skinny & Slim Me) Apple Green Detox Coffee

  • Organic Apple Flavoured Green Detox Coffee Roasted & Grounded
  • Organic Superfood Goji Berries
  • Organic Açaí Berry Powder
  • Organic Fennel Seed powder

 You can add skinny milk / soy milk and natural sweetener such as Stevia to improve sweetness. Stevia does not increase calories.

*Contains caffeine*