Core & Waist Trainer Belt Corset
Core & Waist Trainer Belt Corset
Core & Waist Trainer Belt Corset
Core & Waist Trainer Belt Corset
AUD $19.90

Core & Waist Trainer Belt Corset

An adjustable toning and slimming tool to assist thinning your waistline and illustrate a thinner and natural curves. The Core & Waist Trainer can be used underneath clothing to provide that natural thin look. Use it on the go, an everyday life trainer!

Justmetea waist trainer corset with flexible steel boned to shape your waist. It has 3 comfortable levels for you to wear and increasing in strength as your waist becomes thinner. 

It comes in various starting sizes, so please choose your size carefully as it will cost you re-shipping fees if you want to exchange for incorrect size(s)

Size Chart:

(S) Small: Starting waist at 24.5 - 26.7 inch.

(M) Medium: Starting waist at 26.7 - 29 inch.

(L) Large: Starting waist at 29 - 31.5 inch.

(xL) x-Large: Starting waist at 31.5 - 33.8 inch.

(xxL) xx-Large: Starting waist at 33.8 - 36.2 inch.

(xxxL) xxx-Large: Starting waist at 36.2 - 38.5 inch.

It is recommended you also drink one of our detox tea program(s) to help burn off excess fat and reduce belly bloating to accelerate your training.

As your waist becomes smaller, then you can progress to a smaller size corset. Please do not try and squeeze or force your waist into a smaller size corset too hastily as this could hurt your ribs